RAVENOL Druckpumpzerstäuber


RAVENOL Druckpumpzerstäuber is a plastic pressure sprayer which can be flexibly used for a range of tasks. Simply pressing down the spray button with your thumb is enough to create an even, continuous spray and the fineness of the spray can be regulated by turning the nozzle nut.

RAVENOL Druckpumpzerstäuber is particularly suitable for use with RAVENOL Bremsenreiniger (break cleaner), RAVENOL Alufelgenreiniger (alloy wheel cleaner) or RAVENOL Kaltreiniger (cold solvent cleaner), but it can also be used for other liquids in the home, the garden or in industry.

RAVENOL Druckpumpzerstäuber has a maximum capacity 0.9 L at a pressure of 3 bar. This means that the sprayer can reliably and conveniently cover areas which are difficult to reach. The RAVENOL Druckpumpzerstäuber has a capacity indicator printed on it in L, pt and gal and a mark to indicate the maximum recommended fill. Frequently used mix ratios are also marked on the bottle: 1:10 (10%), 1:20 (5%), 1:50 (2%).