RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T


FIA-CIK Homologation Referenz-Nr. 112377/01

Pakkauskoot 1L


RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T on erityinen 2-tahti öljy, joka on valmistettu Castor-teknologialla, jossa on esterisynteettisiä lisäaineita. Tämä kemiallinen koostumus takaa erinomaisen voitelun kaikissa kuormitustiloissa

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T sisältää yli 75% risiiniöljyä.
2-tahtimoottoreille metanolilla ja etanolilla




RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T is a special 2-stroke oil formulated on the proven Castor Technology with ester synthetic additives. This chemical composition guarantees excellent lubrication under all load conditions and shear stability with the enormous
corrosion protection.

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T is used in modern air-cooled 100 cc kart engines with enormous demands on today’s two stroke oils. Speeds up to 20,000 U/min. produce very high temperatures and extreme-bearing, piston pressures and reduced oil supply in the shift operation. In push mode, it is almost impossible to maintain a lubricating film and to ensure a hydrodynamic lubrication. Especially for such extreme stress our product RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T has been developed.

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T contains more than 75% Castoroil.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T  is a 2-cycle kart oil with synthetic esters and Castor Technology- Additives for 2-stroke engines with methanol and ethanol as a fuel, eg. Speedway kart engines and motors.

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T will mix with Miscible with gasoline, methanol and ethanol.

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T is not miscible with mineral and synthetic 2-stroke oils. Mix thoroughly, even after long periods of time (about 1 week). Recommended pre-mix ratio: 20:1

RAVENOL Racing Castor 2T storage always at temperatures higher 5°C! Do not frost!